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In Matthew 28 and Acts 1, Jesus commissed His first disciples to live on mission, taking the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus from where they are to the ends of the Earth. Today, we continue that mission. We desire to see people come to know Jesus, to put their faith and trust in Him, to follow Him, and to lead others to do the same. This is one of the three core aspects to the life of our church family.

What is Mission?

The Gospel is the good news of Jesus Christ! Take a few minutes to watch this video (from Dr. Dan DeWitt of Cedarville University):

What is the Gospel?

Any person we come in contact with who does not have a relationship with Jesus Christ. We start with where we are and go through life with the intention of reaching the ends of the Earth with this good news! This means from Northwest Indiana to the Northwest India, we seek to take the Gospel from where we are to where the Gospel has never been.

Who are we trying to reach?

Who do we support for national and international missions?

As part of the Southern Baptist Convention, our support of local and international missions comes through financial giving to the Cooperative Program. The Cooperative program then distributes the funds to both the International Mission Board and the North American Mission Board. To learn more visit and!












In addition to supporting through our partnership with the SBC, we partner with a unique ministry called Oversees Instruction in Counseling. Founded by Dr. Wayne Vanderwier, OIC seeks to train biblical counselor trainers all over the world. OIC provides educational training for those seeking to do biblical counseling. As a missionary reaching the leaders of churches all over the world, the extent of the  impact can only be imagined! You can learn more by visiting their ministry site!

International Missions
Counseling Missions
North American Missions
Chicago Missions
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