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>>>Frequently Asked Questions<<<

What should I expect for Sunday?

Every Sunday we gather together as a church family for the purpose of worship. Our worship gathering consists of singing, prayer, public Scripture reading, preaching through books of the Bible, response through giving, and frequently the ordinances of baptism and the Lord's Supper.

What should I wear?

Clothes. Seriously, that's it. We are about one thing: Jesus Christ. All else is secondary. However, if it helps, we describe ourselves as comfortably dressed. What we mean by that is you are welcome to wear whatever you are comfortable in. Some people wear suits and dresses. Others wear jeans and button ups.

Is your building handicap accessible?

There are two ramps on our campus. On the south side of our building is a ramp to access our upstairs (office, youth, and children's areas). On the west side of our building, there is a ramp to access our downstairs (sanctuary, childcare classrooms, childcare office).

Why do you call it a worship "gathering"?

We believe Sunday morning is more than just going to church, but it is us being the church together. So when we come together to worship God on Sunday morning, we believe it is the "gathering" of Christians for the purpose of worship.

What translation of the Bible do you use?

While there are many good translations out there, we use the English Standard Version on Sunday mornings. Don't have a Bible? We have you covered. There are free copies of the ESV Bible in the back at the Welcome Table.

What do my kids do during the worship gathering?

We have a wonderful group of hand selected volunteers (members) who not only watch your children, but teach a solid and age-appropriate lesson from the Gospel Project. We have something for infants through 5th Grade.

What is the Gospel Project?

The Gospel Project is a three year curriculum that takes our children through the entire Bible in just three years. There are fun interactive activities, snacks, and a lesson from both the Old and New Testaments. We selected this curriculum because it is both Christ-centered and fun! The curriculum works great because it does not matter when you first come. You won't be lost! We also have an adult version of the class offered every Sunday at 9 a.m.

What "kind" of church are you?

We strive to be a biblical church. Usually, when people ask what kind of church you are they mean what denomination are you. We a church family that identifies and partners with the Southern Baptist Convention. The SBC has a heart for the autonomy of the local church, a passion for the Great Commission, and a heart for training pastors to be biblically grounded.

Why is your address Cline Avenue, but you can't get to the building from Cline Avenue?

We are not sure! Make sure you use Google Maps, or follow our map below!

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